"I have been going to Marie Salamón for over 10 years. I first discovered her when a friend who was going to her for electrolysis, recommended Marie for my own facial hair removal. Her technique is excellent. Because of her expertise and advice, I have been hair free for years now. With Marie you get guaranteed results!  I have so much more confidence, thanks to Marie.

Marie is a rare find. She is a combination of experience, knowledge, technique and service. You never feel rushed with her because she is genuinely caring and concerned for your problem. For skin problems or hair removal there is no one better.

Without reservation, I recommend Marie Salamón to everyone, even men who are often reluctant to go for skin care or hair removal. Men feel comfortable with Marie because she respects your privacy and confidentiality.

I now rely on Marie for facials, and over the years she has adapted her applications to my changing skin needs. In addition, her products are far superior to any that you will find on the market or in any other salon.  We all have tried different brands for whatever they promise to deliver, and then get disappointed in the end. With Marie Salamón products you are never disappointed. To put it simply, they work.  I feel so lucky to have found Marie!"
Robyn/New Jersey law student

"Anyone looking for electrolysis or skin care will be fortunate to find Marie Salamón.  Everything, from her office to her services, is top quality.  She has years of experience (I know, since I started going to her 30 years ago, when she was in Manhattan);  her confidence and know-how are commendable; her work gets real results.   My arms, bikini area, and thighs had the best electrolysis imaginable - all permanently de-nuded (and staying that way)!   I would not hesitate to recommend Marie for her professionalism, talent, knowledge and success in her field.   She takes great pride in her work, and great interest in each of her clients."
Madeline, Manhattan, Retired Teacher 

"Age spots (liver spots, keratoses, skin tags or whatever one wants to call them) are not pretty.  I never thought there was a solution to these until I met Marie.  It takes her a few seconds to permanently remove each one.  Aging is tough enough without having to bear these ugly marks for all to see.  Thank you Marie…your solution is nothing short of miraculous."
Stephen from Somerset, NJ

"Ms. Salamón is a service professional who truly cares about her clients. She has always taken the extra time to educate me to get the maximum benefits from her treatments." Robin from Bergen County, NJ

"Marie is a truly professional aesthetician.  She is extremely knowledgeable and strives for excellence and perfection in all that she does.  Marie has provided me with skin care guidance for the past twelve years.  I have tried and continue to use many of Marie's quality products.  I am extremely pleased with the results. Consulting with a professional is the best way to care for one's skin and develop a personalized skin care routine."
Chris, Insurance Broker, NY

"It brings me great joy to share my experience regarding Marie’s professionalism and expertise services. She is providing services for me, my mom and my daughter.  Wow!  Three generations! I have had both corrective and restorative facials with Marie, as well as electrolysis on my eyebrows.  At age 49, my skin couldn’t look better. Clean from any black heads and white heads, with a smooth, polished look.  I recommend Marie highly. Her knowledge and success in each individual case cannot be matched."
Donna, Registered Nurse, Montclair, NJ

"I started getting acne at a young age.  My mom, Donna, introduced me to Marie’s corrective facials.  After a short time, I was able to see what a beautiful skin I really had. I don’t know what I would do without Marie."
Elizabeth, 12 years old, seventh grade student

"I had hair growth in 2 main areas – the top of my thighs and my upper lip. I was desperate to do something because waxing was creating ingrown hairs and was not permanent. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit and expose my upper thigh. The day I met Marie Salamón changed everything. She consulted with me and provided me information that led me down the path of permanent hair removal. She is a professional in every way – from her cleanliness and instrument sterilization to her effective technique. In a world where most people over promise and under deliver, Marie happily over delivers. Yes, permanent hair removal is possible….I am glad to say I am proof!  Marie has a technique that results in permanent hair removal once and for all. The best investment I ever made was investing in myself. THANK YOU MARIE."
Marie E., Account Executive, Brick, NJ

"I am amazed my skin looks this good at 55!  I wish I discovered Marie Salamón in my 30's & 40's.  Corrective facials and electrolysis have eliminated years of sun damage, keratoses and miscellaneous moles. Two previous attempts by dermatologists to remove similar growths left me with scars, indentations and pigmentation issues. I highly recommend a regular treatment plan with Marie. She is an exceptionally talented, caring professional.  Her exclusive product line is the result of her years of knowing what works best for women, men and teens."
Kathryn, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

"Marie Salamón is professional, trustworthy, confidential and results-oriented. If you haven't visited the salon, you haven't had the experience to meet Marie directly and see her professional, knowledgeable and caring ways. I encourage you to contact her for a free consultation. Marie takes extreme pride in the services she provides.  Each time I walk through the door I am treated as a VIP. Her facility is extremely clean and beautifully presented. She will tell you about her professional background --her certifications and years of experience are quite impressive. She asks about her clients showing genuine interest in each person. I would return and recommend others again and again. Electrolysis is not an overnight process. I have been receiving treatment for two years and it has been a long two years but with each service I see progress. As with all things, you get out of it what you put into it and my time and money has been well invested.  If it weren't for Marie's always warm and welcoming ways, I would not have the results I have nor be writing this testimonial encouraging you to seek her services."
L.L. college professor

"I owe my pretty eyebrows to Marie Salamón and now there is no need for tweezers. Through electrolisis, Marie gave a graceful shape to my bushy brows-permanently. She also eliminated underarm hair through electrolisis and now my underarms are permanently hairless and I don't need to worry about the "lumps" I was getting because of ingrown hair. Marie is very professional and does top quality work with a smile."
Marie Vambery

"Marie Salamón is the answer to all skin care needs.  Her extensive knowledge and experience are coupled with a professional, caring, and positive manner.  After dealing with cystic acne for many years, and trying top dermatologists and their prescription solutions, I took a friend's referral and set an appointment with Marie.  It was the result of that appointment that changed the way in which I viewed my skin, and thus, my overall appearance.  In fact, Marie had made such a drastic difference to my skin, that I hardly needed any make-up for my wedding pictures, just a short time later.  Marie's skin care products, in which she creates with her own chemist, are phenomenal.  No harsh chemicals, no additives, just what you need to keep your skin looking great.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Marie Salamón to anyone looking to improve their skin."
Jaime,  Physical Therapist, Westwood

"I had laser hair removal done on my face for about 3 years, which left my hair and skin in an awful condition. I decided I needed to do something else if I ever wanted to permanently get rid of my hair, so I did some research on electrolysis and found Marie through the American Electrology Association. I have been getting electrolysis for 9 months, and I am so happy with my results so far. My skin is looking a lot better, and the hair on my face has already become very few and very light. Electrolysis has definitely turned out to be the right solution to permanently get rid of hair, and Marie is an excellent, experienced electrologist, who is an expert in this field."
May, Wayne, NJ

"Facial hair (hirsutism/foliculitis) has been a part of my life since puberty and as I matured the appearance of it gradually got worse.  I struggled for years finding quick remedies to reduce length and thickness and found myself doing more damage to my skin.  Using tweezers and creams left marks, ingrown hairs and an uneven skin tone.  I knew committing to electrolysis treatment was necessary and I was willing to make the investment.  I spent time making appointments for consultations with a number of different places and never felt quite comfortable until my appointment with Marie.  Marie spent a great deal of time with me on explaining the process of electrolysis and how the treatment works.  She is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and treatments as well, which I considered to be very important for my condition.  I have been using her products for over two years now and I am very satisfied.  Due to her professionalism and expertise my results have been amazing and I push myself to follow her instructions and advise on how to maintain proper care of my skin.  I am very thankful that Marie has provided me with total improvement of my skin and its appearance."
Stephanie,  Teacher,  Teaneck, NJ

"I have had facial electrolysis treatment by Marie.  Needless to say, if the results were not completely satisfactory I would not be writing this testimonial.  It did take time but the results certainly warranted the time invested."
Carol B, Real Property Appraiser & Insurance Broker, NY

"I have been getting electrolysis for almost one year now. Wow! What an improvement I've seen on my face lately. When I met Marie Salamón at a Halloween Fair, I was not so sure that she could fix my face. After all, I have had laser hair removal for a year at three different places, I paid top dollar for me to get rid of the hair on my face. But I started to see more hair on my face. As if the hair was not enough on my face, I started to develop very bad skin and many pimples. I was so embarrassed by my face, I did not want to go anywhere. I had to spend an hour every morning trying to cover my face with makeup just to go to work. So, last November 2006 I gave Marie a call and she told me to that she would guarantee my skin looking beautiful again. I trusted her and I have been with her since, it is now September 2007. I actually see a difference in my face. My pimples are gone and the hair is gone in some areas. The areas that still have hair are very thin and with a few more treatments, I expect to have a hair free face. Yay! I do feel more confident about my face now. Marie also gives excellent facials that make you feel great when she is done."
Verde A., Office Manager, River Edge, NJ